Glassblowing Course

The objective of the course is to learn and develop proficiency in basic glass blowing techniques, and to perform various manipulations through experimentation and practice.

The cost of the course is 4900 NIS per student.

The price includes the use of kilns, glass, colors and equipment required.

The course is also held with one participant and a couple.

  • The duration of the course with one participant is 6 lessons of three hours each.

  • The duration of the course with two participants is 12 lessons of three hours each.

 For those who are undecided, you can take a private lesson of two and half hours (see Private glassblowing lesson). It is a great opportunity to feel, to understand if it is what you are looking for. The cost for the lesson is NIS 1050, during which you can choose the pieces you will prepare, such as a glass, bowl or plate. After the lesson, if the participant is interested in continuing to study the Glassblowing Course, the lesson and the payment will be part of the course.

 * Suitable for adults over the age of 18.