שיעור פרטי

Private Glassblowing lesson

Private lesson is two and half hours long, allows you to experience the traditional glass blowing technique and experience the work processes from start to the final shape.

During the lesson you can choose the pieces you will prepare, such as a glass, a bowl or a plate, and combine different glass colors. During the lesson it will be possible to create up to 5 items.

• The cost of the lesson is NIS 1050.

*  Glassblowing lesson suitable for adults and teenagers over the age of 14.

* After this glassblowing lesson experience, if the participant will be interested to take a course for the beginners, the lesson and payment will be part of the course (see Glassblowing Course).

* The final pieces can be collected after 24 hours. After the glass cools in the oven about 12 hours the pieces undergoes cold processing, cutting and grinding. The collection of works will be coordinated with the studio (We can send your pieces to you by courier with the addition of NIS 55).

 * Contact us by phone, or by email to schedule your glassblowing experience.