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Experienced workshop in hot glass

An experience workshop is an amazing opportunity to share the tangible and visual experience with friends, family fun days, colleagues and team building activity for companies. The workshop begins with an explanation of working processes with hot glass, safety at work, about glass art and demonstration.
During the workshop you can choose the piece you will prepare, such as a cup, bowl, plate, small vase, paperweight (full color glass ball), colorful blown ball and combine different glass colors.
These examples fall into two categories:
  • Blown piece - glass, bowl, plate, small vase - possible from the age of 12, cost 260 NIS per each.
  • Paperweight (colorful glass solid ball) - possible from age 9, colorful glass blown ball - possible from age 6, cost 180 NIS per each.
Minimum order is 700 NIS.
Examples how to calculate the total cost of the workshop:
  1. You prepared two blown pieces like a cup and vase- It's 520 NIS and one paperweight 180 NIS, total cost for this workshop is 700 NIS.
  2. You prepared 4 blown pieces, total cost for this workshop is 1040 NIS.
*From 2 up to 20 participants for the workshop.
*The duration of the workshop is between one up to three hours, depending on the number of participants.
* Your glass pieces will stay in the kiln for the cooling process and can be collected from one up to seven days after the workshop and finishing the coldwork, cutting and grinding. In urgent cases the works can be ready to pick up after 24 hours from the workshop, we will be happy and try to help you with this if it will be possible. The collection of works will be coordinated with the studio. 
*It is possible to send the works by courier with the addition of NIS 65. It can take up to two weeks.
* Registration by appointment by phone or by email.
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